The Right Size of a Pocket Square

Whether you’re just starting out with pocket squares or you’re a veteran who has always loved this fashion accessory, the right size of your pocket square is essential. The wrong size can make you look clumsy, or even just plain awkward.

The size of a pocket square depends on the occasion you plan to wear it for, as well as the fabric you’re using and how you want to style it. The most versatile silk pocket squares tend to be between 16” and 18” in width, which means they’ll easily fit into your breast pocket without looking too bulky or unwieldy. Cotton handkerchiefs, on the other hand, can be up to 9” or 12” in width, which is a perfect size for smaller breast pockets.

How to fold a pocket square

The correct way to fold a pocket square is an important consideration for any man. Generally, conservative folds are best for formal occasions but you can also add a bit of fun and creativity by doing a flashy fold. For example, a simple square with a bold border in a contrasting color, such as blue and yellow, can be a great option for adding visual interest to your outfit.

Matching the color of a pocket square to your tie is another consideration. It doesn’t have to be perfectly matching, but it should have a similar shade of the same color as your tie. This will help keep the contrast between your tie and pocket square as subtle as possible, while still allowing the square to be seen as part of your outfit.

When it comes to colors, the most common are shades of blue and yellow. These are a natural choice because they’re not uncommon in menswear and they go with a variety of different color combinations. For a more unexpected approach, you can also consider brown and blue, olive and maroon, or purple and white.

Patterns are a must have for any stylish gentleman’s closet, but when it comes to patterns, be sure to prioritize timeless motifs like paisleys and checks in rich jewel tones as well as fail-safe neutrals. You’ll find a range of patterned pocket squares to suit every taste and occasion in our collection below.

Floral patterned pocket squares are an excellent choice for any man who enjoys a bit of visual interest and wants to make a statement with his accessories. These woven designs are beautiful to the touch and flow beautifully, so they’re an ideal addition for a stylish yet comfortable outfit.

Alternatively, you could opt for a textured design that’s more subtle and will complement most outfits. You can find a range of patterned squares with geometric shapes and varying textures, including floral, abstract and striped designs, in a variety of materials, from woolen to silk.

For an extra touch of style, try choosing a pocket square that’s monogrammed with your name. Not only will it provide a personal touch to your outfit, but it can also be an excellent gift idea for groomsmen.