How to Wear a Tie Clip

Tie clips were first popular in the 1920s, but they’re now making a comeback and are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of style to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a fan of formal wear or just want to dress up for the night, a tie bar can help make your outfit feel more sophisticated. It will also keep your tie in place so it doesn’t fly all over the place and leave you looking a little off-kilter.

While there are several different types of tie clips available, some are more appropriate than others for certain occasions. If you’re going to a wedding, for instance, you might want to stick to a traditional silver tie bar with no frills or embellishments. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a suit and tie for a job interview, a colorful tie bar might be just the ticket to stand out from the crowd.

You’ll need to choose a tie clip that will complement the color of your tie, as well as your shirt and suit. Ideally, your tie bar should match both of these colors and be of equal width to the tie itself. You don’t want it to be too wide or too narrow, as this will look off-kilter and distract from your outfit’s overall aesthetic.

The correct length of your tie bar is another crucial aspect to consider. Typically, it should be half to three-fourths the length of your tie’s width, but it may need to be longer or shorter depending on the shape and size of your tie.

There are a number of different metals used to make tie clips, so it’s important to pick one that matches the rest of your accessories. You can coordinate your clip with gold or silver cufflinks for a more elegant look, or you can match it with the material and color of a necklace or belt buckle to add a bolder flair.

It is also important to select a tie bar that will match your shirt’s placket and tie. This is especially important if you’re wearing a button-down shirt or a jacket that has buttons all the way up to the collar.

As with any accessory, it’s a good idea to check your tie bar in the mirror to ensure you’re putting it on correctly. A few minor mistakes can throw off your entire look and make you appear less polished than you otherwise would be.

Aside from making your tie look nicer, a tie bar can also be useful in keeping your neckwear in place when you’re using machinery like a paper shredder or sewing machine. Having your tie held in place will also save you from getting it caught up in these machines, which can be an extremely dangerous situation for anyone in the vicinity.

A tie bar is a great addition to your formal wear, so make sure you keep these tips in mind when choosing the perfect piece for your next special event. They will help you create a stylish and timeless ensemble that is as versatile as it is durable.