Different Styles of Pocket Square Folding

Pocket square folding is a great way to add some personal touch to your outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for an upcoming wedding or a casual cocktail party, adding a nicely folded pocket square will make you look more put together.

There are many different styles of pocket square folds you can choose from to match your wardrobe and occasion. Regardless of the style you choose, you should remember that it is important to keep your pocket square clean and ironed before wearing it.

The Classic Fold

This is one of the simplest pocket square folds you can learn. It’s also quite versatile, so it goes well with business casuals as well as more formal occasions like weddings and cocktail parties. You can pair this fold with cotton and linen pocket squares or even silk ones for a more formal look.

The Presidential Fold

This style is perfect for a more formal occasion and is often seen at white-tie events, but it can be worn for more casual occasions as well. This fold is a great way to give your attire a bit more flair and elegance, but it should only be used if you’re comfortable with the technique and don’t mind having your pocket square a little off-kilter.

The Reverse Puff

This pocket square fold is another simple and flexible option that works well with both formal and casual settings. It’s a great choice for both men and women, and it looks great when worn with a suit or sport coat.

The Four-Peaked Peak

This is a slightly more advanced fold that requires a little practice to master. It may take you a few tries to get it right, but it’s an excellent way to give your shirt collar a sharper look. This fold is best for cotton, wool and linen pocket squares or handkerchiefs that are thicker than those of a standard pocket square.

The Stairs Fold

This folding technique is a lot more difficult than the others, but it can be very satisfying once you have mastered it. It requires great symmetry and perfection, and it looks incredibly sharp when finished.

To achieve this fold, you’ll need to first lay the pocket square face down on a flat surface at an angle so that one corner is at the top of the triangle. Then, bring the bottom point up to the top, but don’t align it with the top peak; instead, lay it next to it.

Once you’ve created this square, you’ll see that it resembles a diamond shape with a split down the center. You can then fold it in half from top to bottom, forming a triangle.

The Three-Point Fold

This fold is quite challenging to execute, but it’s a fun style for the occasional fancy occasion, such as a wedding or a cocktail party. It’s a great alternative to a traditional pocket square and can really help you stand out from the crowd.

You can use a wide variety of fabrics to achieve this fold, but it’s usually best to stick with cotton or linen pocket squares because they’re easier to hold their shape and won’t cause any bulges. You can also use a thinner fabric, such as silk, but you should be prepared for your fold to show through the front and back of your pocket square.