How to choose a gift for the New Year

Throughout the year, there are many events and holidays to which we buy and assemble gifts. Before the New Year, leading experts on etiquette and business protocol gave advice on how to make a good surprise without getting into trouble.

Certificates are not always a good gift

The rules of etiquette do not approve of gift certificates because they require extra action from the recipient. In addition, the torment of choice you shift on someone else’s shoulders. Ideally, the gift should be a pleasant surprise, brightly wrapped and solemnly presented. You should not give a visit to a bath, fitness or beauty salon – it can be perceived as an insulting hint: “go get yourself cleaned up”. The biggest blunder is when the face value of the certificate does not cover the purchase and the addressee is forced to either pay extra for the gift or refuse it. Although there are many situations in which a Discount gift can be a great solution.

When money is a good gift

Unless we’re talking about a business environment, it’s acceptable to give money. But not just sticking a bill in your hands! It is best to discreetly “hide” the money in a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates.

Safe and pleasant gifts

Etiquette experts believe that the safest and nicest gifts are handmade sweets, beautifully wrapped. Books in a good binding are also considered to be an etiquette-perfect gift. However, before you dare to make such a purchase, you should make a little investigation in social networks to understand what a person is passionate about.

What you should not give as a gift

  1. Etiquette does not approve of anything close to the body: shower gels, shaving sets, perfume. Of alcohol, only French champagne is allowed under strict rules. But there are exceptions if the recipient collects certain wines, whiskeys, or cognacs.
  2. The situation with a tie is interesting. It should be given only to a close relative or a loved one. At the same time, a tie clip and cufflinks are considered jewelry, which means that they are also acceptable to give to those with whom you are connected with a formal relationship – think experts on etiquette.
  3. Representatives of conservative professions – bankers, lawyers, civil servants are better not to give chancellery. For them, it is part of their image and, as a rule, such items are very status-oriented.

How to gift wrap and present

It is extremely not advised to fuss when giving a gift, to give it in the corridor or doors. It is necessary to create a festive atmosphere, to think over the speech during the presentation. If you give a corporate gift, it is more appropriate to leave the company name on the package than on the gift itself. The recipient, according to the rules of etiquette, should thank according to the “two-thank you rule”: when he takes the box and when he opens it.

If you can’t choose a gift, it makes sense to look at gift certificates. Finish Line gift cards is a great gift option if you don’t know what to get. There are many different gift cards available, so you should try to choose among them something appropriate.