How does tickrate affect shooting in CS:GO?

A CS:GO fan’s post on Twitter sparked a storm of discussion. It turns out that when you play on 128 tickrate servers, the quality of shooting becomes better. Who would have thought that server specifications can affect shooting? In CS:GO, it’s also possible.

Because of the difference in tickrate, some weapons, especially the M4A4, become more accurate on servers with a higher tickrate. We got a fact, but it is very difficult to explain this phenomenon without knowing the inner workings of CS:GO. As we know, the CS:GO network code uses interpolation to compensate for lag. If it didn’t, players would see strange movements of opponents and teammates on their monitors, as well as problems with hits. 

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How does tickrate affect the game?

128 tickrate servers are usually used by FACEIT and ESEA. By the way, this value was chosen and the creators of Valorant. On normal matchmaking servers within CS:GO all servers have a 64 tickrate. How does this affect the game? First we need to understand what tickrate is. Tickrate is a period of time during which the server synchronizes the data packets received from the client to the server and vice versa. More precisely, a unit of measurement. To save you a lot of terminology, you can find a nice picture on the web which shows the difference between servers with different tickrates. If you are an amateur you may not notice the difference, but a pro will see the difference between 64 tickrate and 128 tickrate in a few seconds of game play.

Benefit or harm?

In general, using 64 tickrate on regular servers in matchmaking is a good decision. Primarily MM is played by amateurs, who may not have the best hardware and Internet, so this choice is made for the benefit of ordinary workers. However, everything has a downside. It has already been found that some jumpthrow work differently depending on the tickrate. Therefore, to throw a good grenade, players need to choose the right positions on each server differently. Unfortunately, Valve didn’t tell us the specific reasons for this discrepancy.

After the first releases of the 128-player servers, many players said that their shooting became more accurate. Previously, such statements were only considered speculation. Sure, players on the FPL shoot more accurately. But it’s not all that simple. Weapons in CS:GO on FPL servers do shoot more accurately by default. The reason for this is the difference in tickrate and refresh rate. 

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