Ann Taylor Gift Card

Ann Taylor is a well-known American manufacturer of women’s shoes and clothing. The brand focuses on the production of clothing for everyday wear. The simple cut of things, the production of exactly what most people need, the use of quality materials ensured the popularity of the brand far beyond the native country.

Since the opening of the first store in 1954 the company has grown to a network! Only in the States there are almost a thousand stores of the brand, and sales of the online store, which has “missions” – pages for different countries – are growing every day. If you want to choose a gift card for a woman, then it makes sense to look closely at this brand. In any case, it will be a more elegant gift than Domino’s® Pizza Gift Card, but there are a lot of pizza lovers too, so you decide for yourself.

The assortment 

The catalog of the online store is conveniently divided into categories: 

  1. Clothing. This section includes ready designs that you can take into account when creating your own image. 
  2. Work. Collection of clothes for representatives of other professions, where business dress code is preferable.
  3. Shoes. A collection of shoes for every taste.
  4. Accessories.
  5. Clothes for taller girls.
  6. Lux collection which contains the brightest and the most exquisite models.   

Also in the catalog there is a section with gifts, offering the purchase of a certificate for shopping in the Ann Taylor network and a section of sales, where you can buy fashionable clothes at the most affordable cost.  

Now the ‘Ann Taylor’ label produces wonderful, luxurious, refined clothing that combines the best recipes of classic tailoring schools with the latest trends in contemporary fashion. Americans can buy the label’s merchandise at one of 320 U.S. stores or online at

In August 2005, the Ann Taylor Celebrations collection was launched; as the name suggests, its dresses, shoes, handbags and capes were designed for special occasions. Each piece in the collection is made with incredible attention to detail and meticulous coloring. You can wear one of these dresses at weddings, lavish cocktail parties, scientific symposiums or Nobel Prize ceremonies. The fashion designers continue to develop the line to this day; however, since 2009 you can buy something from this collection only in the company’s chain store.

The Ann Taylor Collections project was launched in 2007; it includes luxurious clothes, accessories and shoes made of the best Italian materials. The high quality of products, of course, could not but affect the price of clothing; however, to call it absolutely unaffordable is impossible.

Whatever brand you choose, in any case the clothes from Ann Taylor will emphasize your good taste, style and individuality. In Ann Taylor’s products you’ll find what business people appreciate so much – the best ratio of price and quality. Average price level. You can also buy Ann Taylor Gift Card, which will give you some new perspectives. 

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