Tren Mix

This drug is used most often by more experienced gym goers than beginners, because this drug is the most powerful anabolic steroid in the world. Its important feature is that it consists of three esters: enanthate , hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and acetate, each ester has its own half-life in the body, the shortest is two days, and the longest is two weeks. 

Tritren has a very strong anabolic and androgenic effect on the human body, it is important to note that the drug is as much as five times stronger than testosterone, it is so powerful that it can hook everyone. The drug is not susceptible to aromatization, therefore, side effects due to an increase in estrogen levels are not feared , but it can increase prolactin levels, so we advise you to additionally take cabergoline during the course . 

Bodybuilders love this drug most of all for its ability to quickly increase muscle mass, increase aggression, endurance, this allows them to conduct long-term and high-quality workouts for gaining mass.

Powerlifters love to take it, because it significantly speeds up recovery after training, increases aggression, increases strength indicators, so the athlete begins to train more intensely. The drug increases insulin-like growth factor and helps to reduce cortisol, due to which damaged muscle fibers begin to recover at an increased rate. 

If the goal is to dry out, then it can help very well in this regard, however, it can retain water in the body, due to the fact that it contains two long ethers, so acetate is more suitable for drying. Tritren has a negative effect on the hormonal system, after its cancellation, the production of its own testosterone is greatly reduced and at the end of the course it must be restored only with Clomid. 

Apply Clomid should be at 50 mg daily, during and six weeks, the drug will quickly restore testosterone levels and keep muscles from rolling back.

All the positive effects for the athlete from the use of tritren will be listed below:

  • – Increased aggression 
  • – Rapid growth of strength 
  • – Rapid growth of muscle tissue and acceleration of protein synthesis 
  • – Accelerates post-workout recovery 
  • – Increases endurance 
  • – Fat burning accelerates 
  • – One injection per week will be enough 

The possible side effects of tritren are listed below:

  • – Significant decrease in the production of own testosterone 
  • – Strong increase in aggression 
  • – Negative effects on the kidneys 
  • – Increased prolactin 
  • – Rash out with acne 
  • – Increase in pressure 

Three tren: how to take 

If you are a beginner and decide to use tritren in your first year, we recommend combining it with testosterone, according to the following scheme:

150mg of tritren once a week + 250mg of testosterone enanthate once a week, eight weeks of use, this is a very powerful bundle and will allow a beginner to get rapid progress in muscle growth.

If you have some experience of using anabolic steroids, about three courses, then the following scheme will be especially for you:

250mg of tritren once a week + 500mg of sustanon once a week + 50mg of oxandrolone every day for eight weeks of use is a very good course for gaining lean muscle mass. Details on the website:

If you are an experienced athlete and do not know how to design the next course, we recommend using the following scheme:

400mg of tritren once a week + 750mg of sustanon once a week + 50mg of methandrostenolone once a week, eight weeks of use, this is a very strong ligament, it will allow you to budge in muscle mass very quickly.


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