How Sustanon works

Sustanon begins to work almost immediately after entering the body. Thanks to this drug, the result remains for quite a long time (a few weeks after the end of the solo course of administration). The anabolic steroid Sustanon is great for building muscle mass as it has strong androgenic and anabolic effects. The first effect can be felt as early as the next day after starting the drug. The steroid in the form of an oil solution gives large gains in body weight and strength. Continued on the website:

According to the manufacturer of Sustanon, the steroid has a prolonged effect for up to 3 – 4 weeks. Nevertheless, when used in doping, it is administered 1-2 times a week or even more often. What is the reason for the long-term effects of Sustanon? Everything is explained by the fact that each component contained in the preparation has a different time of absorption into the body. It is also good that Sustanon can be taken quite infrequently, but its effects will still be amazing. Sustanon can be combined with another anabolic steroid or taken in a solo course. This drug can also be used to treat people who have lost a lot of weight during a serious illness (cancer, hepatitis, etc.). Sustanon gives athletes a lot of strength for training. It is often well-tolerated, but some bodybuilders still get side effects at times.

Sustanon – effects

  1. It is highly valued by users as it offers several advantages over other testosterone preparations.
  2. It is a mixture of four different testosterones, which show a synergistic effect due to a well-matched composition. It is an injectable form of testosterone dissolved in oil.
  3. The effect of four testosterones is replenished over time, so Sustanon starts to work very quickly and remains active in the body for several weeks.
  4. Thanks to the propionate also contained, Sustanon develops its effect in one day and decanoate ensures three to four weeks of activity.
  5. Sustanon has a marked androgenic effect, which is associated with strongly anabolic components.
  6. Sustanon suppresses endogenous testosterone production.
  7. Sustanon s intake is not recommended for women because it strongly increases androgen levels and results in could be virilization symptoms.
  8. In addition, steroid increases the production of red blood cells, thus improving overall respiratory function.

Sustanon has side effects, like all the drugs. Most of them are related to the tendency of testosterone to convert to estrogen, which usually causes water retention, excessive accumulation of adipose tissue, and gynecomastia. As soon as you’ll notice such symptoms, Nolvadex should be applied immediately to prevent gynecomastia from progressing. To prevent this type of side effects, you should add an aromatase inhibitor (Arimidex, Femara, Aromasin) or anti-estrogenic agents, such as Nolvadex and/or Proviron to your steroids cycle. Source:

The side effects of Sustanon are similar to those of testosterone enanthate, only that they occur less frequently, not so strongly. Depending on individual assumptions and dosages, the user may register common, androgenic side effects such as acne, aggression, excessive sexual stimulation, oily skin, increased hair loss and reduced self-produced hormones. Water retention and gynecomastia remain within reasonable limits with Sustanon, and is not as common and pronounced as enanthate and cypionate. Hepatic impairment is unlikely, but at very high doses there may be an increase in liver enzymes, which generally return to normal on discontinuation. It should not be used on boys under the age of 15. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women. Do not use it if you are allergic to peanut oil, peanuts and soy.