Top 5 Simple Tips to Improve Shooting in CS:GO

In today’s article we will tell you how to improve your CS:GO shooting. Despite the fact that tactics in the shooter from Valve has great importance, there is nothing to do in this game without a good Aim. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to pay attention to for beginners and how to train your shooting to get out of silver at last. You can also check some specific websites to get all csgo cases. It will help you to make the game more attractive so you will enjoy the process.

Sight placement

One of the main aspects of CS:GO that beginners need to think about improving is proper sight positioning. Why is it so important? In CS:GO, the milliseconds you spend aiming matter a lot, so in the game, you should try your best to aim at the enemy as quickly as possible. In most cases, in order to outgun your enemy, you’ll need to learn to keep your aim right at the level of your opponent’s head. To do this, break your bad habit of looking at the floor while running. It’s the same as in life here – in order to have good posture (shooting), you need to look forward, not down.


Another very important point – you need to learn to anticipate where your opponent is. You don’t have to be psychic to learn how to correctly determine where your opponent is hiding. If you really want to develop this skill, you need to play a lot of not only aim cards but also regular matchmaking. No matter how well you set your aim, if you don’t check the car at length on Dust 2, you will find yourself getting killed. So try to study up and down every map in CS:GO that you play. Especially pay attention to popular positions – most often your opponents will be hiding in these positions. To do this you need to have a “gut feeling”, which is developed through a persistent game.


One of the main aspects of good shooting is the right movements. And that doesn’t mean that you only need to spray while running so that you don’t get hit. In that case, you’ll be a more inconvenient target to hit, but you’re also unlikely to hit anyone. The secret to the right moves is to use combined movement styles.

You need to learn how to feel when it is better to squat, where to make light side-to-side movements, and in what case to just standstill. That said, if you’re new to CS:GO, feel free to try different variants of shooting in matchmaking. At first, you may get confused and not be able to keep up with your movements, but sooner or later the right movements will become a habit and you won’t notice how well you’ll start moving.  

Constant training

A simple truth – if you want to learn to shoot well, practice shooting. There are many ways to do this. You can use community-developed aim training maps, such as Aim Botz. You can also perfectly pump up your aim in deathmatch mode. True, it is best to play the deathmatch on community maps, as the official mode from Valve is very slow, due to the fact that it is impossible to kill players on your team. Constant training is everything!

Game time

If you log into CS:GO once a week and play with your friends all night, and then are surprised that the rank does not grow, most likely the problem is not with you but in the very approach to the game. The thing is that human muscle memory works better when we repeat the same action little by little, not spontaneously, and for a long time. Muscle memory is very important in CS:GO, so you should train it properly. Remember that it’s better to play for one hour every day than to play all night but once a week. You can also use this website if you want to find some additional goods for the game.