How to Stop Smoking

Pharmacological companies are constantly looking for the perfect cure for smoking, developing new medications to get rid of tobacco addiction. Tobacco smoking has become a global problem: millions of people die prematurely every year, and medics name this harmful addiction as the reason. Many smokers, who are already faced with health problems, decide to get rid of their bad habit. But this is not so easy to do, and they resort to the help of medicines to quit smoking. For example, you can use

At the same time, despite the awareness of the population about the dangers of addiction to cigarettes, many are in no hurry to give up their addiction. Moreover, the ranks of smokers are regularly updated with new victims of nicotine. People obediently spend a lot of money on something that slowly but surely kills them. It is worth to realize the harm that is inflicted on the body of the smoker and all those who are forced to breathe in cigarette smoke passively, to decide to quit smoking and contact a doctor – to prescribe treatment and the pharmacy – for the selection and purchase of drugs to combat smoking.

The harms of smoking

Everyone is born free of tobacco addiction, but at some point may succumb to the desire to try cigarettes. Motives are about the same: curiosity, desire to be like everyone else, not to break away from the group, to seem more mature, more experienced. Cigarette smoke helps overcome shyness and embarrassment, cigarette in hand creates an imitation of employment – so people with a weak psychological core are easier to be in society. Everyone who inhales cigarette smoke for the first time feels sick: the smoke immediately penetrates the brain, making them feel dizzy and nauseous. For some people, this is enough, and they safely abandon the idea for good, without waiting for addiction and, subsequently, searching for remedies to stop smoking.

Others retry again and again, and a persistent psychological and physiological habit appears, which leads to a lot of health problems and a waste of finances, which could be spent for something more useful, interesting and pleasant. Smoking tobacco causes problems such as:

  • the development of chronic oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), increasing the burden on the heart, which pumps oxygen-depleted blood;
  • adverse effects on reproductive function: decreased libido, impotence, infertility;
  • development of atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks and strokes: if you have chest pain, you should urgently be examined, find a cure for smoking and get rid of bad habits;
  • impaired vascular tone and blood clotting, the appearance of diabetes mellitus, which requires specific treatment and medication;
  • insufficient blood supply to the lower extremities, leading to lameness and even gangrene;
  • headaches, irritability, aggression, memory loss, fatigue;
  • development of tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, malignant tumors: you need to use drugs to quit smoking and restore health;
  • erosions, ulcers and cancer of the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder.

For women, this information is usually important: Smoking is always a deterioration in appearance! The skin becomes dry, wrinkled, gray, the hair and nails dull and brittle, yellowing and tooth decay appear. There is even a medical term “smoker’s face”. Anti-smoking medications, which you can buy in the pharmacy, will help get rid of such an unflattering epithet, to return beauty, freshness and youthfulness! To choose the right remedy, you should consult a doctor or an experienced pharmacist.