How to Sew Tie Leggings

Hey y’all – today we’re wrapping up the leggings series with an advanced class – how to take your basic leggings pattern and add details like pockets and ankle straps – really, whatever your imagination comes up with!

It’s no secret that I love fashion inspired by the world of ballet, so leggings with ankle straps reminiscent of ballet shoes are right up my alley. But if that’s not your jam, stick around anyway – the pattern altering principles in this post can be applied to create any style you chose.

The pattern making principle I’m talking about today is that once you have a pattern sloper that fits you, like the leggings sloper we drafted at the beginning of this series, you can add design lines/seam lines anywhere you chose. I have a video explaining this and showing how I sewed the pair I’m wearing in this post, which you can also watch on YouTube here if it won’t load below for some reason.