I love Orlando Mondays: Pig Floyd’s

First, let me preface this by saying I’m not rich or trendy enough to go to every single new thing that pops up. Even if I was – I don’t have the time with two kids who don’t care yet about things like fine dining or public art. That being said, I still get around my town from time to time and would love to highlight the things I enjoy most about it. Twice a month I’ll be posting about events, food, music, and whatever else occurs to me that makes Orlando more than just ‘that place where Disney is.


Pig Floyd’s has been around a few years, and is already a local favorite – but it’s new(ish) to me, and I’m in charge of the blog!

I heard whispers (and then shouts) about this place for a few months before I finally got to go for dinner. I ate with a party of 6 and everyone in the group was impressed by the food. The ‘barbakoa’ distinction is important because all of the barbeque items on the menu (and for sure the sides) have a latin inspiration that lets you know you’re not at an average pulled pork and ribs joint.

You won’t be disappointed by the portions or the flavors – and I can say this with confidence regardless of your order having spoken with a number of friends who frequent Pig’s. I also learned the hard way that you don’t have to wait in line if you’re ordering to-go, a fantastic benefit for the downtown crowd. Just go inside to the counter and place your order and wait at the bar until it’s ready!

For my money the brisket platter with plantains and grilled corn on the cob (chili, lime, and cotija chese on top!) is the champ – but I have no problem exploring other areas of the menu as well.